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We’re always looking for new authors. We welcome to those who wish to contribute a high quality content to allreview4u.in.

To write for us you can contact us on h.karpe6@gmail.com and submit your article. After submitting your article we will review it and will publish in next 48 hrs. if only the article is wrote and designed as per the given guidelines. If it isn’t then it will be rejected.


  1. The article should be in a very simple language (In the Indian English language & Easy to understand).
  2. The tone of the sentence should be conversational.
  3. An article needs to framed properly with the impeccable use of English, contains no grammatical errors.
  4. There should be no room for punctuation or improper sentence formations or sentence capitalizations.
  5. An article when written should always reflect as informative and also it should not be time sensitive.
  6. The article should not portray anything thing in a divulgatory way which is false.
  7. Any derogatory or false negative information should not be mentioned in the article.
  8. There is no place for any usage of unlawful information or any controversial content.
  9. The content that is written should be authentic and not plagiarized from some other source and before we publish the article it is prohibited to publish elsewhere as it may lead to conflicts in the future.
  10. The topic should be on product reviews. (Products which comes under the available categories)
  11. article length should be 700-2500 words with good images.
  12. If you want to put any link into the article, then the site that you want to link should be authentic and real. (No spamy or harmful sites will be inked)
[Important: The used media and content should be copyright free.]

How to submit (and what happens next)

Email us your submission at h.karpe6@gmail.com. An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit.

If Your Post is Accepted & Published,

You will get the reply of link on the same email ID from which you have submitted the content

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