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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Water Purifier

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While buying anything, we humans have a habit to research about some products and after a proper research, we pick the best suitable for us. In a Smartphone, the user is very clear about the features he/she needs. Similarly, while buying a refrigerator or a washing machine, the user is having a crystal-clear idea about the capacity he/she needs. But while buying a purifier, everybody wants purified water and almost all the purifiers available on the internet purifies the water. But in 2018, hundreds of water purifiers are there in the market. Now, the task is which one is suitable for your water, your location, and your family.

Today, we have created a guide on “how to buy a perfect water purifier for yourself?” or “things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier”. But before proceeding to the points you should look in a water purifier, I would like to recommend you a list of best purifiers available in India for basic usage. In order to check the list of best water purifier you have to click on this link: https://technofizi.net/best-water-purifier-in-india-for-home-use/.


Now, let’s begin with the Guide.

4 Things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier

Water quality

The very first thing you should keep in mind that How much or up to which level your water is affected or contaminated? Now to check the water quality you need to perform a TDS test using a special instrument named as “’TDS detector”. Along with this, you can have a laboratory checkup of your daily tap water in order to check its composition more deeply.

Once you are done with the compositional checkup of your water, then it will be very easy for you to pick the best water purifier for your home. Now, let’s move to the next thing that you should keep in mind in order to buy a perfect water purifier for yourself.

The process included in Purification of water

Since you have the knowledge about harmful components of water, now you need to look for the purifier that can eliminate all the components present in that water. If you purifier offers more then it’s okay but if it offers less purification from those components then it doesn’t think its worth to go for such purifier.

Price Range

Specifications and working are different but before doing any purchase we must cross-check our budget and the price of a product. If everything seems under control then you can buy the purifier but if you feel like your budget is slipping from your hands and you can’t afford that purifier then it’s not recommended to go for that.


Storage is not a primary thing but while buying a water purifier you must have an idea about the storage that you want in your purifier. As for big families, it is recommended to go for a big size purifier so that everyone can get satisfied with that.

So these were the 4 things you should have in your mind while buying a water purifier s these points will help you to get a perfect water purifier for you.

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