How to Start Housekeeping Company in India

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Nowadays Housekeeping business is making extra income in your space-time, and if you are free or job less than it can be your full-time business income. Also, the market size of this business is growing rapidly in the world, if you have to manipulate thing easily and tremendous potential to increase kingdom, the growth of your business, then am sure this business also full filed your bank account.

If you plan to start your own housekeeping company, then you have set some goal, strategy and make some budget to start your business. And always start any business with small-scale if it successful then makes it big company. For this business, you also need human resources.

In short, you have to sure before you start the business that you have everything in place and full focus mind to start a company.

Now we have some following point to start housekeeping company

Step1. First of all, you have to contact the zoning board of your city and state, and then they guys determined your home, that it can be used as the business location.  If it can be used as your business location, then you must have to change or modify your home for commercial uses.

Step2. You have to register your housekeeping business with the Private Limited Company. You can simply start with the Proprietorship Firm but on later stage you can convert into the private limited company because there are lot of the Advantages of Private Limited Company . After that you have to apply for the GST Registration. Let you know that you have to take care about the GST Return Filing Compliance for the same.

Step3. You must create a service list that you have interest to provides or offer. After you are done this list you have to do marketing strategy for this you can do design an informational, advertisement. So now you get some rough idea what you supply and what you need to buy for that. After this, you can check your competitor business price also that can help you to develop pricing well as the pricing is one of the important factor from the 7 Ps of marketing.

Step4. You also make the record of materials and equipment that’s you have, and now you have to compare this with the services you instead to offer. Now make a list of supplies/material and machine and equipment that you need, but you don’t have, purchase it before you work at customers places.

Step5. If you have the thing that you have only work with your friends and family ones with small housekeeping business, then you must have to purchase business insurance. And that protection is liability insurance.  That need because in case if cleaning time something gets damaged. Before you get this insurance from your agent, must discuss and know all the details of this liability insurance.

Step6.  Start your business and letting known your family, friends and neighbour’s what services you provide and its price. Share your business information flier or pamphlets online on different social media apps, advertisement on websites and also offline on a local newspaper, so that’s all people aware of your business and refer to it when they needed. Also posting your pamphlets on community board of your cities library and other public areas. You can also cover your services to other field services that can connect to your services. Some were, so that also helps you to increase your clients/customers.

All business has pros and cons, so you have to take care of this that you have the manpower. Not all of your customers gave you time to time payments. Some customers delay in amounts to be the claim you must be paid for your services late or soon.

Housekeeping business, now days provides the excellent income source to entrepreneurs, this business required attention to details, hard works, excellent management skills and maintain to customers.

Housekeeping business mainly required management and smartly use of saving money on supplies and equipment’s needed, in short, you have investment intelligently.

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