How to Start a Review Website

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Nowadays many people are making the website like Latest Tech News Website or mainly product review website on which they review products and services so people can see it and compare the products and services. If you are planning to start a Review website then you should consider that you can create your website under business entity so it will help you under taxation and other laws. This article talks about the meaning of review website and its process of incorporation.

What is a Review Website?

Basically, a Review Website is a website which provides reviews of Movies, Products, goods, and Services so people can check their reviews, this will help to the people during selection of goods and services. Nowadays, many types of products are available in the market, so people use these websites to get information about goods and services and then they make the right decision based on their review. A review website can make money by advertising on their website, it has very good potential to generate income from advertisement. As we can see that nowadays everyday new gadget or products launched which reviewed by the Website.

Legal Steps for a Review Website

    • First, you have to buy a domain name, a domain name is important for making a website, without domain name you cannot start a review website.
    • After purchasing a domain name, you can create your own review website, a unique name is required for the website and it should not be copied from other websites. People will visit your site if it is unique and provides something new and understandable.
    • After making of the website you can upload your post on it and finding of the audience is important because it is very important to reach maximum people.
    • If you want to register your website name under trademark then you can register it under the trademark laws, this will secure your intellectual rights and gives you protection under trademark laws. The process of registration is easy and simple, you can visit the official website and fill the form for trademark registration. Trademark is important because after obtaining trademark no one can copy your brand name and if anyone copy your trademark then he will be liable under the trademark laws.
    • If you want to open your website as a business entity then you can opt the Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration as it is the simplest form of business. If you are the Sole owner of the website then Sole Proprietorship can be started by only one person as it requires only one person. There is no formal requirement of its registration but you can register it by making other certificates like Udyog Aadhar, PAN card, GST registration, Trademark registration, Shop Act License.
    • You can open your website under Partnership Firm, there is 2 or more person required during the incorporation of the partnership firm. Formation of Partnership firm Registration is easy, you have to choose a partnership firm name first, and then you can make a partnership deed. This deed will contain the details of all Partners, function of the firm and the details of the firm. Rules and regulation of the firm will be mention under the deed and it should be signed by all the partners and it should be notarized and contain stamp on it.
  • There is no registration required for partnership firm but if you want to register it then you can apply under the Registrar of Firm; Registration of Firms will issue the registration certificate of Partnership firm.


As you can see in the above article that you can earn money form the review website and you can also form a business entity from your website. If you are the sole owner of your website then you can opt the Sole Proprietorship and if there are 2 or more than 2 people then you can choose the Partnership firm. Formation of these is very easy and simple and requires fewer compliances under the Indian laws. Trademark registration is also important for your website so no one can copy your brand name and makes money on your brand name. So if you are planning to Start a website then you should consider these above-given things so it will help you and no problem will arise for you in the future.

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