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HIIT Workouts- Presenting A Sure-Shot Way To Lose Weight Fast

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Wish to fit in your old pair of jeans, but can’t do so because of being overweight, then here’s a dependable solution to your problem- HIIT workouts. This is a very simple method of exercising, which requires you to perform bouts of high-intensity workouts which are intervened by sessions of low power activities, and hence the name HIIT, meaning High-Intensity Interval Training. This amazing method of exercise is known to produce impressive results in a little time. In fact, it is believed that this kind of training is one of the greatest forms of exercises that can help you lose weight fast.

The quick-working of HIIT training is basically a result of a process known as the EPOC effect. EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, which measures the rate of oxygen consumed after you are done with the exercise. Simply stated, the EPOC effect fundamentally refers to the number of calories burnt by your body after you have finished the exercise. This is an incredible effect which is not linked with basic cardio exercises. It is a wonderful phenomenon that happens in your body as an outcome of the high amount of energy you invest in exercise. It is believed that due to this effect your body keeps on burning calories for as long as 24 hours after you are done with the exercise. It is only due to this magnificent occurrence that your body starts losing weight very quickly while following the techniques highlighted in HIIT workouts.

Moreover, due to EPOC effect, you keep on burning calories even while you are resting, reading a book or watching TV.

For all the curious fitness enthusiasts who are eager to know about the precise exercise routine which forms a part of the HIIT training, here is a simple example. Sprint at very high speed for about 1 minute and then take active or complete rest for the next two minutes. In this way, it is clear that the ratio of high-intensity exercises to low-intensity exercises should be 1:2. Active rest refers to the resting period in which you are not actually taking rest, but performing some low-intensity activity such as jogging or brisk walking, whereas complete rest refers to the time when you are not doing anything and your body is in the resting mode.

The best feature of this kind of training is that despite the way that the exercise is performed at very high power; you are in reality working out for less time, and burning a greater number of calories than you would regularly do exercising at a lower intensity. Including HIIT in your activity plan is unquestionably the best strategy to work out. HIIT exercises do not just enable you to shed pounds quickly, but also work remarkably well to enhance the metabolic rate of your body, upgrade your stamina, enhance overall health while incrementing insulin affectability in the body fantastically.

HIIT workouts are a standout amongst the most magnificent procedures to burn fat rapidly. A 25-minute session of high-intensity exercise is known to burn approximately 500 calories while the general cardio exercises burn a much lesser amount of calories than this even when you exercise continuously for one hour.

This kind of training also improves your cardio wellness unusually. These exercises work remarkably to improve your cardiovascular health due to the high amount of power you need to apply to perform these exercises. Just two or three HIIT sessions consistently are sufficient to empower your body to burn calories more capable and lift your performance, strength, and stamina.

HIIT training burns fat at an amazingly high pace. It is verifiably extraordinary compared to other exercise routines with regards to exceptional fat burning. Most sorts of cardio exercises impact the muscle to fat ratio and furthermore lessen your bulk. Nonetheless, exercises included in HIIT workouts burn an extensively high measure of fat to muscle ratio. This can empower you to achieve a much lower muscle to the fat proportion in a very short span of time.

Exercise time is never a dull undertaking when you workout adopting the matchless HIIT routine. These exercises are brimming with a host of challenges which keep the workout exciting. The short, outrageous nature of such activities guarantees that the time you spend working out dependably stays fascinating and invigorating. Likewise, since there are distinctive kinds of activities that can be incorporated into HIIT, every session can offer something new, which is essential to keep you rejuvenated.

When you know about the correct method of HIIT workouts, these can be effectively performed at home with no expert help. There are numerous at-home HIIT exercise programs that you can use to outline a successful HIIT program to be executed safely!

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