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Health is the new sensation for the tech world These days. After all, Apple is involving in it, so it must have massive expectations right? Well, that’s a discussion for another day because right now we have the best GOQii Smartband, an activity tracker by the California-based fitness technology organization by the same name. Unlike from other fitness bands though, GOQii’s model is completely different and its trackers are meant for the really serious fitness admirer.

The band and the app
The build quality of the Goqii band is very good. It never drives any skin irritation or discomfort and most of the times we forgot that we were wearing it. We even wore it while taking a shower and it continued to work without any problem. You shouldn’t swim with the band, however, as it is not waterproof. The capsule that houses the display slides neatly into the band and we never felt that it was going to pop out. In any case, the clasp isn’t as secure and each couple of days we found that it had unclasped itself. Fortunately, we detected this in time or we’d have lost the band in crowded trains.

The display is sturdy. It demonstrates essential wellness information, for example, distance covered, time spent active and so on Now and again we needed to tap it more than once to do it switch between information focuses, however, it worked fine more often than not. It takes around two hours to charge the band and we were happy with its battery life – around 10 days.


What’s new in GOQii 2.0?

The new band has a marginally bigger display on the tracker. It is a compliment and marginally greater to oblige a greater battery. The band without anyone else’s input now gets a watch-like strap locking system. The new band has incorporated NFC for contactless payment. Right now, GOQii has tied up with AXIS bank for payment arrangements and all the more such organizations will be found later on. The material utilized is as yet a similar rubber and it is extremely adaptable and can be cleaned effectively. The GOQii wellness application has additionally got a visual facelift along with a group of new features.

Reasons You Should Buy GOQii Fitness Band:

1. GOQii App

While the GOQii center sits inside the rubber strap on your wrist, you’d have to log each glass of water you drink, food intake, and any action like running or cycling that you enjoy. The GOQii application is accessible for Android cell phones and is in beta for iOS and Windows Phone. While it has most bases secured, surprisingly, there are applications accessible for PCs and Macs also.

2. GOQii Coach

When you activate your GOQii account, you are required to fill in a broad online frame with your essential data and points of interest on your eating regimen, levels of physical movement, dozing designs, history of diseases, stress levels, etc. Once that was done, I have assigned a coach who composed a basic email with a concise introduction. We associated over the telephone then for him to get a feeling of my way of life and wellness needs, after which we commonly settled upon my initial set of goals.

3. Battery Life

Along with the absence of waterproofing, the other enormous drawback of the GOQii Band lies in its battery life. The battery on this wearable endures at most for 3 days and can go bring down in view of how frequently you match up it with the application. For a day by day driver, this isn’t great. It charges using a charging pod that comes with the band and takes around an hour to be completely charged. This implies you’ll be losing an hour of information each day.4. Touch ups.

4The service
When you agree to accept a Goqii subscription, you are made a request to characterize your fitness goals and you should enter your basic medical information. Goqii proposes five coaches in view of this and you can take your pick. The mentor will plan a 30-minute call with you, after which he or she will set objectives for you and recommend changes to your eating routine.


Product Description

Brand GOQii
Customer ratings 3.7
Price 1,799
Model 3 Month Personal Coaching 
Compatible devices Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones


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1.Personalized Lifestyle Coaching

Your GOQii mentor furnishes you with the correct tools and motivation to work towards your fitness targets. The action tracker and application enable you to monitor your means, remove, calories consumed and rest time. The application at that point works together with the information and sends it to your mentor for customized exhortation. The GOQii mentor experiences your information to recognize anything that is undesirable in your habits and recommends deductively demonstrated strategies to enable you to dispose of them. Additionally, the GOQii mentor gives you nutrition advice depending on your health objectives. When you take after your mentor’s directions and do exceedingly well, he/she will give you a remote Hi5.

2.Lifestyle Doctor

Get medical consultations from a guaranteed MBBS/MD specialist accessible on the GOQii platform, with no extra consultation charge. The specialist will advise you on routine medical and lifestyle challenges only.

3.Health Locker

The GOQii Health Locker is a  digital platform where you can monitor all your wellbeing records, for example, such as lab results, prescription history and visit records. Since everything is put away securely on cloud, you can get to the records, utilize or share them specifically through the GOQii application.

4.GOQii Diagnostics

Book diagnostics tests from the comfort of your home through the app. You don’t need to step into a lab, a lab specialist will visit your home to gather tests. Once the tests are done, the outcomes will be sent specifically to your Health Locker.

5.Health Risk Assessment

The HRA poll causes you assess the sort of wellbeing dangers you’re confronting because of your habits. It will then assign a health risk score and produce a report for the GOQii specialist’s assessment.

6.GOQii Activity Tracker

The action tracker highlights a smooth outline and snappy strap. It additionally includes a wide LED show that’ll enable you to check call points of interest, SMSes and Whatsapp alarms on your wellness band. The GOQii wellness tracker accompanies an incorporated charger that can be connected to any USB port to rapidly charge your band. The inbuilt battery is sufficiently effective to keep going for up to two weeks after a full charge. Additionally, you don’t need to physically flip between rest modes, all on account of the auto rest location highlight.

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1.Gentle hair removal and perfect shaping for your delicate body parts, precise for upper lip, sideburns and eyebrows

2.Quick and Gentle: It can easily remove any unwanted hair in one go

3.High Precision: Dedicated accessories to get perfect shaping and styling

4.Ideal also for quick touch-ups wherever you go

5.Wide Range of Accessories: 1 precision head, 2 combs,1 bikini head, 1 beauty cap, 1 beauty pouch, 1 cleaning brush, and AA battery

6.As its cutting blades do not touch the skin, so there is no fear of cuts

  • Cons:

1.Batteries don’t last longer

What We Recommend

If you lead a totally sedentary lifestyle and need a person who motivates you to exercise and eat healthy, then Goqii’s service may be worth investing in. It gives you basic health advice, but if you can afford the service (Rs. 3,999 for three months and Rs. 11,999 annually) then you can afford to join a gym. We feel the latter offers better value for money, but then everyone may not have the time to do that.

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