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What You Find In a Tech Minimalist’s Bag

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Traveling light is a gift to some people, it’s like a second nature to them. They know what to put in their small back-pack or comfortable traveling bag and they are off, even if they are touring across several countries. For others, this is difficult; especially for those who are new to the minimalist lifestyle and prefer to travel killing their shoulders. These are some things that serve when you desire to carry just the essential and not one thing more.

Mini Makeup Kit (for women)

This is almost as important as a toothbrush, for women; a mini makeup bag that contains all the essentials that are needed on the go.  It should carry things like the eye pencil, lipstick, mini hairbrush, tissue, floss, hand sanitizer and a concealer– or any option that fits and suits you. Because everybody knows how important a woman’s make up is, having this is sometimes a lifesaver and as such, very necessary.

Minimalist’s Bag


This is very important because losing your keys can disorganize an already planned day. A minimalist’s bag is not complete without the keys. Having your keys in one ring makes it easy to carry and gives the feeling of being organized.


I find having a wallet a real time-saving tool. Imagine how easy it is to find your cards and money all neatly arranged and in one place. It saves space and time.

HeadPhones/ Earpiece

For most people today, a having a headphone or an earpiece is as important as having an ear to use it on. Well, it isn’t really that hard to believe since you can do a lot with a headphone; from calls to listening to media files like movies and music and audiobooks.


Another important part of life and thus a sure part of every minimalist’s bag content. It is difficult to see anyone without a phone these days because of its multi-purpose feature. Since you could send an instant text message and/ or call family and friends from a long distance, it becomes very difficult to drop. And its ability to surf the internet and help with tasks that would have otherwise been herculean to carry out. Not to mention its media functions. I have personally enjoyed using the Tecno Camon X Pro to take powerful pictures.


Having your phone/laptop chargers are a musthave since the gadgets themselves are rendered useless without power.

Mini Umbrella

For those rainy periods, having a mini umbrella close is one the graces of life. For me, it becomes my walking and traveling buddy, especially when I’m off to places I don’t know.


Having a pair of sunglasses is a great choice for sunny periods.

Perfume/ Deodorant

Smelling nice is just as important as brushing your teeth, it makes you comfortable and confident everywhere you find yourself.

Hair Conditioner

Traveling for a long while without your hair conditioner can cause a lot of problem for your hair. It is quite important to have with you.


With all the things you will be doing in the duration of the travel, it is very important that you carry your toothbrush as you travel. For some people, they like carrying two toothbrush; a manual and an electric.


One pair of versatile and light shoes for when you decide to take long walks or a good run. A pair of boots too because when it snows your sneakers won’t save your feet from the cold hands of snow.


When it comes to clothes, it is always confusing—most especially for new women minimalist travelers. They tend to want to take everything, or special clothes which pools into the “too much” box as well.  

For Men:

Two Jean pants

Two shirts; T-shirts or Polos or one of each

Three or four underwear (boxers)

Towel (quick drying and easily folded)

Two long sleeve shirts

One sweatshirt or pull- over for cold places

For Women:

One underwired bra

One sports bra (if you work out in-between moving from place to place)

One bikini set

Towel (quick drying and easily folded)

Two dresses

One pair of shorts

One pair of jean pants (black preferably)

Two T-shirt

Two Long sleeves top

One pull-over Jumper for cold places.

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