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Top 5 Best Nebulizer In India That Are Best For Asthma

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A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a mist to help treat your asthma. They come in electric or battery-run versions. They come in both a portable size you can carry with you and a larger size that’s meant to sit on a table and plug into a wall. Both are made up of a base that holds an air compressor, a small container for liquid medicine, and a tube that connects the air compressor to the medicine container. Above the medicine container is a mouthpiece or mask you use to inhale the mist. It is equally important to use the best nebulizer in India when it comes to your health.

Personal Recommendation

Omron NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer( best seller)

omron nebulizer

 Top 5 Best Nebulizer in India & Price List 

Read Best Nebulizer in India reviews and check the best Nebulizer price. Here is our Best Nebulizer for kids too. You may purchase any nebulizer online.

#1 Omron NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Omron NE nebulizerDESCRIPTION

    1. The Omron Nebulizer system is created for the efficient management of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.
    1. You don’t need to remove mouthpiece during exhalation with Omron nebulizer for kids kit.
    1. It provides a dense aerosol in the therapeutic range. While It has a 7ml medicine cup and leaves minimal residual medication.
    1. The compressed air from the compressor is forced through the nozzle so that this nebulizer for kids is mixed with the medication in the baffle and forced upwards.
    2. Furthermore, the Omron nebulizer leaves minimal residual medication, <0.7ml for any medication
    1. While it has high nebulization rate which ensures you optimized treatment duration.
  1. The Omron nebulizer is easy to operate and maintain with safe and easy to clean new nebulizer kit. This nebulizer is the best nebulizer in India because of its features and durability.


  • Efficient delivery of medication
  • Autoclavable nebulizer kit
  • Travel convenient


  • It might be a little bit noisy.

#2 Handynab Nulife Piston type Compressor Nebulizer

nulife nebulizerDESCRIPTION

  1. The Nulife nebulizer has a very powerful & reliable piston type compressor nebulizer, especially for professional & intensive use.
  2. Nulife nebulizer has a powerful compressor and matched nebulizer kit which ensures medication is atomized into fine particles faster. So that it can reach respiratory tracts more effectively and result in better medication compliance.
  3. The Nulife nebulizer is equipped with safety fuse whereas Anti-shock case with handle is used for easy carrying.
  4. The nebulizer machine is Light and compact so that it can easily be carried.


    • Pressure Max 2.5 bar, Air Flow Min 8 LPM
    • Operating times 60 min ON 60 min OFF, Noise at 1 meter 55 dBA


    • It is a little bit noisy.

#3 DR Trust Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit 

Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit (White)


  1. This is the best compressor nebulizer which is developed for the successful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders.
  2. Also, It creates a stream of air which travels through the clear tube to the nebulizer. When air enters the nebulizer, it will convert the prescribed medication into the aerosol mist for easy inhalation.
  3. The nebulizer has ergonomic handle along with Innovative design.
  4. It has low noise operation with a high-performance jet nebulizer. 
  5. Also, It has an efficient respiratory therapy which can be carried easily when you need it.
  6. The nebulizer machine has Three-layer filtration which is a high-quality nebulizer which comes with three layer filtration. With such amazing features, it has become the best nebulizer in India.
  7. This Nebulizer has ultrafine particles which ensure medication is atomized into fine particles faster


    1. High-quality nebulizer
  1. State of the art technology:


    • It is not Recommended to use for household medical use under the supervision of professional

#4 Dr. Trust Piston Compressor Handy Nebulizer with Flow Adjuster 

best nebulizer in india


  1.  Dr. Trust Piston Compressor Handy Nebulizer is developed for the successful treatment of Asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders.
  2. The Nebulizer will create a stream of air that travels through the clear tube to the nebulizer.
  3. When air will enter the nebulizer then it will convert the prescribed medication into the aerosol mist for easy inhalation.
  4. The product is easy to carry handle allows for easy transportation
  5. It is highly efficient nebulization with reduced medication wastage
  6. The nebulizer is Safe and easy to clean.
  • Easy transportation
  • Highly efficient nebulization
  • Safe and easy to clean


  • The Plug quality is average.

#5 Philips Respironics Innospire Essence Nebulizer (White)

Philips Respironics Innospire Essence Nebulizer (White)


  1. The Philips Nebulizer is part of the family of compressor nebulizer systems. It also provides fast and efficient aerosol drug delivery in a compressor nebulizer system.
  2. The nebulizer is combined with proven sidestream technology and the essence is compact, lightweight, and economical.
  3. Its Sidestream disposable and reusable nebulizers essence works efficiently with the side stream reusable and disposable nebulizers.
  4. Also, the Philips nebulizer features an active venture system and provide air flow in addition to that supplied by the compressor. It results in faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times.
  5. It is easy to use with fewer parts to assemble or clean than other conventional nebulizers.
  6. The unique design provides consistent delivery of medication time after time. Simply check nebulizer machine price by clicking the button below.
  7. The Nebulizer comes with 5-year warranty. The nebulizer price is also very affordable.


  • Short treatment times in 6 to 8 minutes
  • Electrical Rating Power: 120 V / 60 Hz, 1.7 Amp
  • Maximum Pressure: 44 PSI, Maximum Flow Rate: 9.4 l/min
  • Nebulization Capacity : 8 ml, MMAD : 80% < 5 microns


  • No major cons stand out

how to use a nebulizer?

Your doctor will recommend you that how you have to use the nebulizer. Before that make sure you buy the best nebulizer in India.

Following are general instructions on how to use a nebulizer:

  1. First of all, you have to put the compressor on a flat surface where it can safely reach an outlet.
  2. Now you have to check to make sure all the pieces are clean.
  3. Always wash your hands before prepping the medication.
  4. If you have mixed your medication before then place it in the container. And If you have a need to mix it then measure the correct amount and place it in the container.
  5. You can connect the tube to the compressor and the liquid container.
  6. Then attach the mouthpiece or mask.
  7. Now you have to turn on the switch and check to see that the nebulizer is misting.
  8. Further, you have to put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your mouth around it.
  9. Try to breathe in and out until the medicine is gone.
  10. It may take five to 15 minutes.

You have to clean it daily

  1. You have to take off the mouthpiece and remove the medicine container.
  2. Wash It with hot water and mild liquid dish soap.
  3. Now shake off the extra water.
  4. And now you can reconnect the medicine container and mouthpiece/mask to the compressor.
  5. Finally, you can turn on the device to air dry the pieces.

How you can Disinfect it?

  1. First of all, you have to take off the detachable parts.
  2. Then you have to soak them in the solution provided by your doctor.
  3. And then let that parts soak for one hour, or as long as listed on the instructions.
  4. Finally, you have to remove the parts and either let them air dry or reconnect the nebulizer machine to dry them.

Pros of nebulizer machine

  1. Nebulizers are easier to use when you are having an asthma attack.
  2. It has multiple medications which can be delivered at the same time.
  3. This might be easier to use with young children.

Cons of nebulizer machine

  1. They are usually not as easy to transport as if you are traveling.
  2. Sometimes, It requires a stationary power source.
  3. If you are using an inhaler then it is time taken.


Hence, These are India’s top-rated most selling Nebulizer price list with a great set of functions available. You can choose anyone from the above list according to your preference. For your convenience, I have given links to Amazon & Flipkart for each product. So, you don’t need to search each product just click on the buy now link after the description. Also, Check out best nebulizer in India price now.

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