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Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India | Best Chimney In India

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Are you Looking for the best kitchen chimney in India ?. Kitchen chimney is an appliance that absorbs smoke, fumes from the kitchen and makes your kitchen clean and oil, smoke-free. Generally, modern kitchen chimney for kitchen adds style and decor to your modular kitchen. The kitchen chimney you are going to purchase, you must know it will fit it in your kitchen and its suction power, chimney filter types are comfortable with your cooking habits. We have listed All the best kitchen chimney brands for your convenience. check the kitchen chimney price list by clicking the button below. Buy any of the below chimneys online at a discounted price. We are going to help you in buying the best chimney in India.

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Elica Chimney  ( Best Seller)  Elica Chimney Review

Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands

The best kitchen chimney for kitchen, as well as a kitchen hood, is a blessing to many more who love to cook but withdraw themselves with the imagination of watery eyes, smell, and unclean kitchen. Now you can make your heart’s please by buying this fantastic appliance. check out kitchen chimney brands. We have listed tips to buy the best chimney in India.

5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands & best chimney in India Reviews

#1 Hindware Chimney Clara 60cm Review

Hindware Chimney



  1. The Hindware chimney will not only makes your kitchen smoke-free but also fresh and clean. Furthermore, It also adds a decent look to your kitchen.
  2. The model  Hindware chimney Clara which is made up of 60 Stainless Steel. Also, It has numerous helpful features which are sure to impress. 
  3. The Chimney consists of robust and contemporary design.  It comes with five soft touch buttons, that are quite easy to press and use.
  4. The Hindware chimney consists of a cassette filter. This is made of not so highly reactive metal with aluminum.
  5. The special lighting system includes two halogen lamps. This will make sure that the kitchen area is well lit at all times.
  6. This Hindware chimney has consumer-friendly functions and modern-day make. These advanced features make makes it an appropriate addition to your kitchen.
  7. Finally, It will work with silent features like best noise level rated at 58 d so the kitchen is not strident.


  • Filters: Cassette Filter
  • Color/Finish – Stainless Steel/Silver
  • Suction Capacity – 750 m3/hr
  • Voltage – 220-240V/50Hz
  • Control – 3 Speed Touch Control with 65W Motor


  • Ventilation pipe isn’t there

#2 Elica Chimney ReviewElica Chimney Review


  1.  This Elica chimney will provide a distinctive and perfect look for your modular kitchen. It is the only key to a fuss-free food making the experience.
  2. This Elica chimney is made to fit your all needs. While You will get an uninterrupted exposure to smoke as well as strong smell alters your health. It is the best chimney in India.
  3. Furthermore, This chimney will give you a powerful performance always!.
  4. The Elica chimney will generally reduce your cleaning time. The only thing you have to do you have to wash the oil collector bowels once a month depending on usage. Also, There will be no extra effort to clean oil collectors.
  5. This kitchen appliance consists of 2 inbuilt LED lamps with the power consumption of (3 Watt) according to your convenience. Elica is one of the best kitchen chimney brands.
  6. This is the perfect design for the all durable chimney which will give you greater effectiveness.
  7. The Elica chimney comes with One Year Warranty and a five-year warranty on motor


  • Glass + Stainless Steel
  • Size: 60 cm, Suction (m3/hr): 1100
  • Color: Black, Filter Type: Baffle
  • Controls: Push Button


  • Installation is chargeable.    

#3 Hindware Nevio 90 1200 m3/h Auto Clean Chimney Review

Hindware Nevio 90 1200 m3/h Auto Clean Chimney Review


  1. The Hindware chimney is Quite efficient, super working and auto clean chimney. This comes in an inox color along with a glass finishing.
  2. This kitchen chimney will provide a stylish beauty factor for conventional as well as modular kitchens.
  3. The Hindware Nevio is well employed with the latest modern technology.  It consists of  3-speed touch control via a touch-sensitive method.
  4.  Its working speed is controlled by these switches. Also, Its blower is made up of smooth metallic parts.
  5. This Hindware chimney usually absorbs all the gas or unwanted smokes from the kitchen and dispelling to the outside atmosphere with its metalled design.


  • 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Noise free/56 dbA


  • Installation not included.

#4 Bright Flame Kitchen Chimney – Z

Bright Flame Kitchen Chimney - Z


  1. Electric Chimney Is generally based on an important thing which is a none other than the filter. It will trap all the oil particles which are present in the and purifies the air.
  2. This kitchen chimney uses baffle filter which has now flow control panel. Because the baffle filter is made by multiple curve structure.
  3. The kitchen chimney comes with a three-speed feature touch push button for controlling the speed.
  4. Its suction power is so high because of that it could effect change the air 10 times a day.
  5. This electric chimney for the kitchen is specially styled with 2 halogen bulbs.
  6. The motor comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.


  • Three Speed Feather Touch Push Button for Speed Control
  • Suction Capacity – 1100m 3/hr
  •  The motor of  230 Watts Motor,
  • Noise Level – 55 – 61 dbA 
  • 24 Watts Lamps


  • Harsh materials like steel wool as it may damage the powder coating.


#5 Hindware 1200 M3/Hr Cleo 60 Cm Auto Clean Hood 600Mm ChIMNEY

Hindware 1200 M3/Hr Cleo 60 Cm Auto Clean Hood 600Mm Chimney Review


  1. The Hindware 1200 m3/Hr Cleo 60 cm Auto Clean Hood kitchen chimney comes in a brushed silver or Inox color scheme.
  2. Its hood will definitely offer you complete control over the three-speed levels for controlling speed.
  3. Furthermore, The blower is made of metal completely which makes it firm and sturdy.
  4. It can effectively be dispelling the undesirable aromas and smoke from all around your cooking area.
  5. The Hindware 1200 m3/Hr Cleo 60 cm Auto Clean Hood will be operated at a range of 220 V to 240 V at 50 Hz
  6.  It can self-cleans for a hassle-free usage experience with a filter.
  7. The Hindware chimney will light up your kitchen with a pair of 1.5W LED lights which are effective in lighting up the cooking area. Hindware is one of the best kitchen chimney brands.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Looks beautiful


  • . Lots of vibrations when operating at top speed


Having a modular kitchen will make your cooking easy and convenient. It will offer easy access to the things needed while cooking and keeps the user away from all the unwanted smoke, courtesy its highly functional electric chimney. So, if you are planning to renovate your traditional kitchen with a modular kitchen, You must make the modular chimney a part of your purchase. Read down to know the advantages of having an electric or modular chimney.

Protects The Precious Tiles

One of the great advantages of an electric or modular chimney in an Indian home is that it protects the precious tiles, granite and everything else from the stinky fumes. The modular chimneys are designed in this way that they can suck in the smoke instantly and keep your kitchen smokeless and smell free.

Protects The Kitchen Walls

Walls and roof turning into blackish color are a few months is a common condition in kitchens that having traditional chimneys. Second, the most important advantage of an electric or a modular chimney is that it prevents the walls and roof from turning black, courtesy of its strong suction capacity. Moreover, to maintain this suction capacity, one needs to clean the chimney filter once every 25-30 days.

Fresh Smelling House

The modular chimney is used to suck in the vapor and aroma of the food which is being cooked and keeps your house away from smelling of what has been recently cooked. So, If you get a modular chimney installed in your kitchen and keep your house smelling great all the time.

Prevents Sneezing

Sneezing is the most common thing when you will cook something full of spices. You can escape this when you have an electric or modular chimney in your kitchen. The high suction capacity of the modular kitchen will suck away the aroma immediately and prevents sneezing.

Fabulous Looks

The modular kitchen chimney is not only saving you from sneezing and your kitchen walls from looking bad it also makes your cooking space look aesthetically appealing. The color could be matched with the color of your modular kitchen to make it look like a part of it. So, if you wish to make your kitchen functional go for a modular chimney.


Apart from these all basic function of keeping the kitchen odor-free and fresh, the chimney adds style and elegance to the kitchen. Grab the best kitchen chimney online now. You can cook those mouth-watering dishes without too much a hassle. You have a cool and welcoming kitchen all the time which you can flaunt with pride. So these are the best kitchen chimney brands in India. choose the best chimney in India. You may check the kitchen chimney price list and buy them at discounted prices.

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