Top 5 Best Exercise Cycle Price List/Bikes in India

Top 5 Best Exercise Cycle Price List/Bikes in India

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If you are interested in to have an intense aerobic exercise, the capability of operating outside on your house or to delight in cycling during winter, a workout exercise bike can be a superior physical exercise companion. exercise cycle for weight loss might be properly used for vigorous work outs, plus so they usually do not occupy lots of area into your house gymnasium. buy exercise cycle online

Cycling can be a superior type of physical exercise for a great many age classes. It’s lower effect, therefore it will not breed your muscles such as other workout routines, like managing, may. After you cycle, then you function most one’s main leg muscle tissues, plus exercise cycle online is a significant type of aerobic workout, that will be able to assist you to misplace body weight. Normal cycling may also help decrease blood pressure, which then reduces your potential for coronary illness. Research has also proven that routine biking can enhance the human brain capacity by constructing fresh cells at the spot of one’s brain accountable for memory foam. Here is exercise cycle price list


 Top 5 Best Exercise Cycle Price List  Comparison Table

Cockatoo MAB-01 Imported Magnetic Exercise Bike With Hi-Tech Display Feature; Exercise Cycle; Air Bike (MAB-01)
Cockatoo MAB-01
Cardio Max JSB HF788 Magn
Cardio Max JSB HF78
Cardio Max JSB Cardio Max HF73 Magnetic Upright Bike Fitness Exercise Cycle,Silver
Cardio Max JSB Cardio Max HF73

Leeway Exercise Bike - Multi Orbitrac Elliptical Steel Wheel, Orbitrack Dual Action / Hand Pulse Orbitrek, With Seat And Pulse Stand - (Silver & Blue)
Leeway Exercise Bike

Lifeline Air Bike
Lifeline Air Bike

5,350.00 3.3


 Top 5 Best exercise cycle price list in India Reviews

Read best exercise cycle price list. Buy the best exercise cycle for weight loss. buy exercise cycle online. buy exercise bike now

#1 Cockatoo MAB-01 Imported Magnetic Exercise Bike With Hi-Tech Display Feature; Exercise Cycle; exercise bike (MAB-01)


Cockatoo MAB-01 Imported Magnetic Exercise Bike With Hi-Tech Display Feature; Exercise Cycle; Air Bike (MAB-01)


  1. No Thing retains your fitness regimen compared to a successful work out regime. With all the Cockatoo MAB-01 exercise bike, then you’re able to purchase the sort of specialist exercise cycle for weight loss you visit in the the gymnasium to get private usage.
  2. This exercise cycle for weight loss is likely to create the ideal option for everybody who desires to really go that extra mile to the interest of workout center. This is exercise cycle price list
  3. It’s a huge choice to get a expert fitness center way too, also occupies hardly any floor space when comparing to additional components. buy exercise cycle online
  4. Therefore quit feeling anxious about being unable to create the journey into the health club often, also devote within such a stationary exercise cycle for weight loss.
  5. Cockatoo suits a broad selection of gym gear classes including yoga, pilates, resistance training, aerobic equipmentand health and fitness components, biking, in line desk along with fitness gear.


  • 2 Kgs Magnetic fly Wheel with double way bearing
  • Manual 8-level resistance adjustable system & vertical seat adjustment i.e. Up& down
  • 1 pc crank, smooth & silent belt transmission
  • With I Pad shelf computer display
  • Tech Features: Computer will display time, speed, distance, calories burned & scans hand pulse on the handles



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#2 Cardio Max JSB HF78 Magnetic Upright X exercise bike Fitness Exercise Cycle Online (Silver)


Exercise Cycle Price List

  1. JSB Cardiovascular Max HF78 Magnetic up Right X Motorcycle Fitness-exercise Cycle Together with Backrest Service and Handles is among the Most Recent Addition in our Assortment of Gym Programs. This is Exercise Cycle Price List
  2.  This workout program has an exceptional 4 kgs flyweight and 3 cranks to get a sleek biking encounter.
  3. Its distinctively folding style makes exercise cycle for weight loss compact and portable in character. It may be properly used for burning fat-reduction, standard workout and also to get cardio vascular training.
  4. This physical exercise cycle online has a easy 16-level strain controller plus includes nonskid foot brakes using flexible foot-rest straps. Its setup online video is easy to get around Youtube on the relaxation which particular exercise bike includes an 12 months guarantee.




  • Magnetic Upright X exercise bike With 4 Kg Flyweight And 3 Cranks 
  • Compact In Nature That Saves Space. 16 Level Tension Controller.
  • Display : Time, Distance, Speed, Total Distance Travelled
  • Max Weight Capacity : 100 Kgs. Assembly Size (Cm) :, 103X53X119


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#3 Cardio Max JSB Cardio Max HF73 Magnetic Upright Bike Fitness Exercise Cycle,Silver

Cardio Max JSB Cardio Max HF73 Magnetic Upright Bike Fitness Exercise Cycle,Silver


  1. JSB Cardiovascular Max HF73 Magnetic Upright exercise bike Physical Fitness Workout Cycle Is Still an Affordable Way for a Individual’s everday Exercise Requirements.
  2. This large responsibility magnetic drill exercise bike includes a4 pound flyweight to get a sleek biking encounter.
  3. Its show shows space, rate, pulse, calories, and total distance traveled and offers heartbeat detectors about the bicycle manages. exercise cycle for weight loss is built with 8 breed controller degrees to distinct athletic wants.This is Exercise Cycle Price List
  4. The chair with this gym is elevation flexible. It’s streamlined in character and also will be readily built on your own home to be employed by man or female.
  5. Its installment online video is easy to get on Youtube and also this particular exercise bike has a one year old National Warranty.



  • Magnetic Upright Bike with 4 kg flyweight for a Smooth Cycling Experience
  • Display : Time, Distance, Speed, Pulse, Calorie, Total Distance Travelled, Scan, Hand Pulse Sensor
  • Max Weight Capacity : 100 kgs ; 8 level Tension controller
  • Assembly Size (cm) :92x51x110.5 ; Non Skid Foot Pedals with Adjustable Footstraps
  • Installation Video readily available on Youtube ; 1 Year JSB National Warranty, Call 08010402110 (Mon to Sat 10 AM to 7 PM) for support.


BUY ON AMAZON                                

#4 Leeway Exercise Bike – Multi Orbitrac Elliptical Steel Wheel, Orbitrack Dual Action / Hand Pulse Orbitrek, With Seat And Pulse Stand – (Silver & Blue)


kobo exercise bike




  1. kobo exercise bike is clinically built to attain perfection alongside top in addition to decrease body work outs.
  2. kobo exercise bike is the best system to accomplish your cardio-vascular goals and work out aims in a secure and sound method. kobo exercise bike helps to ensure exercising with this system isn’t going to require a toll on your joints and knees.
  3. The extra heartbeat feature in kobo exercise bike enables one to observe your pulse,in order to don’t apply too far and be sure that exercise cycle for weight loss remains from the nutritious zone.
  4. The anxiety might be modulated in line with the taste of this person. The chair is flexible as well as also comfortable. THis is Exercise Cycle Price List
  5. The system was made in that way, so exercise cycle for weight loss works effortlessly and quietly. Regularly exercising with this kobo exercise bike online will allow you to tone muscle tissue and also burn up the unnecessary excess fat. This kobo exercise bike will be designed to satisfy certain demands of folks throughout all age,size and shape.




  • Heavy Stainless steel flywheel with dual driving.
  • The seat is adjustable and comfortable.
  • Firm up your hips and thighs for a well toned shape.
  • Computer functions: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Scan and Pulse.




#5  Lifeline Exercise Cycle

Lifeline Air Bike


  1. This Air lifeline exercise cycle Was Created With Double Motion To Use Legs and Arms.
  2. lifeline exercise cycle May Be Utilized for Full Human Body Cardio Vascular Exercise Routine. It’s Micro-adjustable Stress Knob For Energy Adjustment.
  3. Digital Meter Shows: Speed, Distance, Pulse, Time, Scan And Calorie Ergonomic Adjustable-Reach Arms With Padded Grips Easy-to Fix Seat Situation Micro-adjustable Stress Knob For
  4. Energy Adjustment Steel-frame Development Supportive Nevertheless Cozy Saddle Merchandise Weight : 1 9 Kg Consumer Fat : 100 Kg Octroi Or Entry Tax Needs to Be Created By Customer. This is Exercise Cycle Price List



  • Product Has To Be Assembled Using A Installation Manual Provided In The Package
  • Youtube Installation Video Link Can Be Provided On Demand
  • We Do Not Provide Onsite Installation And Servicing.





exercise bike Types

Additionally, there are 3 major kinds of stationary bicycles — solid, vertical and twist — every one using a unique advantages and limits. More than a few businesses specialize for making a single form of bicycle, however there are lots of hot manufacturers which produce different chain of bicycles in distinct variations. Read Exercise Cycle Price List

Recumbent exercise bike
Recumbent exercise bike are all intended to supply further back service. The chair sits at a cozy posture, and also the pedals are at the front of the cyclists. A number of the most useful recumbent bike bicycles allow you to correct how much the chair stinks straight back again. Recumbent bikes are suggested for those who have limited freedom. In addition, such a bike can be just a fantastic choice for those that possess a tough time sitting down smoothly in a vertical bicycle chair. Go through Exercise Cycle Price List

Upright Bike
Recumbent stationary bicycles have been designed like commuter bicycles. They truly are perfect to individuals without freedom issues, as passengers have to be in a position to measure on the bicycle and take a seat its own back seat chair. Up right bicycles are somewhat smaller compared to recumbent bicycles, which makes them a fantastic pick when your work space is more not tight.

Spin Bike
The 3rd sort of dwelling stationary bike would be a twist bicycle. These generally resemble road bicycles — light weight bikes designed for serious, very long rides — and also possess elevated rates, substantially as their highway counter parts. Most useful for really serious bikers, twist bicycles are far more comfy compared to vertical and recumbent bicycles, and numerous models need special biking shoes which clip on the pedals. In addition, several of those bicycles ask that you get extra equipment should you’d like to monitor your own workouts.



Whatever your present exercise degree, you are able to raise your total health having a fitness bike at your house gymnasium. These devices really are a amazing means to better your wellbeing and drop fat without putting excess strain in the human entire body.Hope, Exercise Cycle Price List helped you



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