5 Best Refrigerator In India Reviews, Discounts & Ratings

5 Best Refrigerator In India Reviews, Discounts & Ratings

If it will come to best refrigerator in india nowadays, options go much beyond simply getting a glass of ice water without having to open up the door. With custom panels, then you also can receive yourself a built-in that just fits with your kitchen cabinets. And neglect 4 doors–a few more modern models possess five or even longer. You may even take out a refrigerated jar in order to find it high in sodas that are sour. Our fridge-by-fridge guide can help you pick the right sort on the home, demystifies claimed – useable storage distance, and enables you find the smallest amount of noisy models–in order to and also your own groceries, may chill outside.

 Top 5 Best Refrigerator in India Comparison Table

Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Frost-free Multi-Door Refrigerator 240 Litres
Whirlpool Fp 263D
LG GL-I292RPZL Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator Review
LG 190 L 5 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

20k-25k4 .0
Godrej RT EON 311 PD 3.4 Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator Review
Godrej RT EON 311

best refrigerator

Best Refrigerators In India

Top 5 Best Refrigerator In India Reviews

Read best refrigerator in India and check best refrigerator price. Buy the best refrigerator online

#1 Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Frost-free Multi-Door Refrigerator 240 Litres

Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Frost-free Multi-Door Refrigerator 240 Litres


  1. The revolutionary 6th perception Active fresh new technological innovation comprises of active brand new zone with moisture retention and also the incredible micro cube which will keep your fruits and veggies fresher for more. This not only provides probably the most efficient cooling of just about every section but in addition stops odor mixing involving your 3 zones. check refrigerator price now
  2. Retains vegetables brand new for the lengthy time.Macroblock in third Drawer. A box put beneath the ice twister utilised to amass the ice & shoot it outside in uncomplicated twist action.Whirlpool refrigerator can stably run even in high fluctuation of ion (130V-300V) and also don’t require another stabilizer.
  3. In ordinary best refrigerator in India, the cold air arrives directly in touch with fruits and veggies and also robs them with their intrinsic moisture. However in Proton World series best refrigerator in india, the cold air escapes round the wheel, keeping the contents trendy while retaining their moisture and also organic glow.

Product Information

 Brand Whirlpool
 Model  Fp 263D Royal
Capacity  240 Ltrs
Price Range 26k-31k
 Star Ratings 4.1



  • Auto closing doors when you left them open.
  • Enough lighting in the best refrigerator in India compartment (middle) which helps even in dark.
  • Energy rating on fridge shows as 5stars and also mentioned consumption is less than CFL.


  • Installation is not included.

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#2 LG GL-I292RPZL Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator Review 

LG GL-I292RPZL Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator Review


  1.  LG GL-I292RPZL 260 Litres 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator presents to you an ultimate blend of power, precision and performance. This lg refrigerator offers stunning features with enhanced functionality. check lg refrigerator price
  2.   lg refrigerator constitutes of a Smart Inverter Compressor that performs an energy efficient performance. lg refrigerator offers a Smart Diagnosis System and an Auto-Connect Feature makes it perfect for your modern kitchen and a must to buy the product. It has an antibacterial gasket, moist balance crisper along with a humidity controller.  check refrigerator price now. check lg refrigerator price
  3. The 3 shelves units have been manufactured using toughened glass material. Auto Smart Connect No worries to spontaneous power cuts with your LG GL-I292RPZL 260 Litres 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator. This LG Frost Free Range of lg refrigerator works on the latest Smart Connect Technology. This technique helps lg refrigerator to perform a seamless operation even during power cuts.   check refrigerator price now
  4. lg refrigerator consumes the power equivalent to 2 CFL’s during power cuts from your invertor. This swift uninterrupted refrigeration process helps to keep your food fresh and healthy. Smart Invertor Compressor A Smart Inverter Compressor is incorporated in LG GL-I292RPZL 260 Litres 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator.
  5. This highly efficient compressor designed for saving energy up to 48 %. lg refrigerator automatically adjusts the cooling power in accordance to the amount of food kept in the lg refrigerator. This best refrigerator in India provides super silent operation along with smart energy consumption. You will experience high end performance with premium convenience.

Product Information

Brand LG
Model GL-I292RPZL
Price Range 23k-28k
Capacity 260 Ltrs
 Stars rating 4.4








  • Frost-free double door refrigerator; 260 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 4 Star
  • 1 year on product
  • Smart Inverter 3, ice beam door cooling, automatic smart connect and premium florid finish
  • 1 Year Comprehensive on refrigerator and 9 Years on the Smart Inverter Compressor from LG


  • It is recommended to put minimum 0.5kva voltage stabilizer for long life.

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#3 LG GL-B201AMLN Direct-Cool Single-door Refrigerator 

LG 190 L 5 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


It is ideal for households with small families since it functions that the reason without consuming additional vitality, money or distance. It might easily accommodate fresh fruits and veggies, drinking water bottles, and alternative ordinary size fountains, eggs along with various other milk solutions.  check refrigerator price now

Main capabilities: With marine lily shade, this refrigerator will soon be considered a stylish addition to your residence. It includes refinement and category to the décor of almost any space it is installed in. It arrives with a 5 star power rating, which usually means that it conserves lots of vitality while in an identical time performs efficiently. With glass dividers and shelves manages, its attractiveness is just enriched. check lg refrigerator price

A few different capabilities: LG GL-B201AMLN Direct-cool Single door Refrigerator is sold with a 1 yr warranty to get your own merchandise; 4 years now to get its breaker. It arrives with a direct trendy platform which empowers equivalent distribution of coolness through the duration of the best refrigerator in India. Two shelves are all provides to help keep the foodstuff wisely. It is one among the quickest ice making refrigerators in the industry.


Product Information

Brand LG
Model GL-B201AMLN
Price Range Rs 14k-16k
Capacity 190 Liters
Stars rating 4.1








  • Direct-cool single door refrigerator; 190 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Fastest ice making, glass shelves and kurve handle
  • Marine Lily colour
  • 1 Year Comprehensive on refrigerator and 4 Years on the Compressor from LG


  • No stand with the actual item

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#4  LG GL-I 302RPZL Frost-free Double door Refrigerator Review




  1. This can help it help save a considerable quantity of vitality. Store all of your favourite fruits, veggies, dairy food, as well as different foodstuff in this fridge and it’s possible to be certain about them remaining new and edible. The fridge has ports over the back which evenly distribute great air to each corner, so hence keeping its contents new for more.
  2. This brand new cooling process assures even temperatures across the best refrigerator in India. Circulating air out of your vents together with all the back, it ensures just about every corner of this refrigerator is heated equally.  check refrigerator price now
    LG’s Unique Top LED Provides you premium appearances, uniform brightness on the other side of the best refrigerator in India, improved interior aestheticsand durability & vitality efficiency.
  3. A special sizable brand new zone with moist harmony crisper and humidity control which prevents veggies fresh.Allow one to receive additional ice for those who want a little further.


 Model  GL-I 302RPZL
Capacity  284 Liters
 Price range   20k-25k
 Star Ratings   4 Star


  • Frost-free double door refrigerator; 284 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 4 Star
  • 1 year on product
  • Smart Inverter 3, ice beam door cooling, automatic smart connect and premium florid finish


  • Refrigerator bottom is quite low, hits feets while opening n closing the door.


#5 Godrej RT EON 311 PD 3.4 Frost-free Double door Refrigerator Review

Godrej RT EON 311 PD 3.4 Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator Review


  1. Delivers superior preservation by cooling down the best refrigerator in India by two degrees just before defrosting, thereby minimizing any potential renewable jolt to food items during defrost.Intelligent automated defrosting which balances for last-minute time, duration required for very last minute, ambient temperaturesand door openings and trickle accumulation in previous defrost, respectively provides optimal frost elimination consequently enhancing efficiency. Grab the best refrigerator in India
  2. Special zone with a temperature difference between +6 levels celsius in comparison to this profound suspend section to get short-term storage. Store ice cream lotions to find the ideal sleek feel.Faster ice making in the freezer.A first in the world, Godrej Eon’s neat Shower technological innovation comprises of shelves with in built air vents. Put directly over the foodstuff, such ports make certain superior cooling.  check refrigerator price now
  3. Detachable bins in the main plate to store your essentials like chilies, coriander, mint, lemons etc.Enough area to store all of your greens.Removable bins in the door to store items like dry fruits, legumes etc.To store which extra-large 2.5 L jar of plain water or cola easily.Environment-friendly- 100% CFC, HCFC and HFC no cost, safeguards ozone layer.Silver ions in the air duct along with anti microbial resistance in the gasket maintain foodstuff germ fresh and free.

Product Information

Brand      Godrej
Model   RT EON 311 PD 3.4
Price Range   30k-36k
 Capacity    311 Liters
 Stars rating    4.0








  • Frost-free freezer-on-top refrigerator; 311 liters capacity
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • 1 year on product; 10 years on compressor
  • Intelligent operations
  • Twist and serve ice trays
  • Soft freeze technology


  • The compressor makes high-frequency noise.

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Consider the needs of your kitchen to determine if the following features are nice-to-have or must-have:

  • Dual-cooling system: This system allows freezers to circulate cool air separately from the fridge to help keep your ice from tasting like garlic bread.
  • Air filtration system: A built-in carbon filter keeps air in the refrigerator fresh.
  • Programmable control pad: Set the temperature, lock the ice and water dispenser, check filter condition and pre-set the amount of water to dispense with the push of a button.
  • In-door ice storage: These systems free up more freezer space by moving the ice bin from the freezer interior to the door. On some models, the ice bucket can tilt out or be removed with one hand for bulk dispensing.
  • Dual ice makers: These create ice for the door and ice for the party in a separate bin, usually in the pull-out freezer drawer.
  • Energy-saving models: ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators use a minimum of 20% less energy than nonqualified models — saving you money on utility bills. You may also be eligible for rebates from your city when buying ENERGY STAR qualified models.

Top freezers

While I state that the term “fridge,” odds are excellent that this is actually the way that pops up into your own face. With all the bottom two-thirds dedicated to fresh food storage along with also the freezer unit sitting at top, a lot folks fought to hit at the Popsicles in a top freezer unit if we were kids, or even maybe we had one in our first flat.

Preferences have proceeded forward since that time, Thus if you should be looking for something modern day, high-end, and feature-rich, afterward the top-freezer model possibly isn’t to youpersonally. If, but type isn’t just as a lot of concern, even and you might find that top freezers offer you a number of their best bargains available on the industrytoday. As well as, you’ll find still adequate being forced to provide a solid variety of choices.

Bottom freezer

If you should be looking for something around the simpler side, also might like slightly easier accessibility to your foods that are fresh, afterward the bottom-freezer unit might be right for you personally. Bottom-freezer units are not far different from top-freezer units but for that simple fact that the deep freezer is situated — you guessed it — at the bottom. This usually means that you just won’t need to hunch around while rooting about for widely applied ingredients.

Clearly, this also usually means that frozen food items will probably be found down round your ankles — nevertheless the majority of models today arrive with drawer-style freezer doors, which might make getting the ice cream outside only a little easier. Bottom-freezer units are inclined to become only slightly bigger than top earners, however additionally there is significantly less variety of models to select from.


Some models offer you equal real-estate for the two sections, however many devote another handful of inches to your own fridge. This may result in an especially slim freezer section, S O frozen-pizza aficionados might wish to consider something just a little more limiting.

Side-by-side units arrive in a wide variety of models and are inclined to display far more characteristics than their horizontally minded top and bottom freezer sockets. A number of those attributes are aimed toward saving distance, especially if it arrives to the shelving inside these doors. Side-by-side units likewise do not desire too much clearance to start up the doors, making them ideal for thin kitchens. Because of to this vertical split, you will likely would like to go with all the widest model which will fit into your kitchen, and also your budget.

French door

Highly common, French-door models combine the drawer-style freezer of the bottom-freezer unit with an low-clearance doors using the side-by-side unit. This usually means that you will have a more full-width, double door refrigerator with abundant storage area. With your best refrigerator in India door effectively split into 2, it also usually means that you simply won’t be letting quite the maximum amount of cold air out whenever you are opening only one door to catch your milk



The inverter technologies, which finds use in air conditioners, is also utilised in best refrigerator in India. It enriches the consumption of electricity of this best refrigerator in India by controlling the power distribution to the breaker. It is the most efficient model available in the market since it consumes minimum electricity. The inverter engineering is available only in frost free refrigerators.




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